We are Action For Dementia and we have been founded to do exactly as our name suggests, to take ACTION for dementia

We are driven by unique and personal experiences with a family member that have made us passionate about making a big and very positive difference to the lives,  care and treatment of people with Dementia, their carers(family, friends) and the people who work with them.  We want to help create a future in which dementia is better understood, where people are treated with dignity, respect, empathy and understanding and services are coordinated, cohesive, and above all focused on improving the lives and experience of  people living with/caring for and working with dementia.
Our aim is to raise people’s awareness of Dementia, in fact we feel this is such an important issue we really want to shout about it. We are working alongside other organisations/groups and services within our community and beyond to bring about change that will ultimately help to improve the quality of life for people living with Dementia and the people who care for them. We are extremely pro-active and strive to engage with people to continually raise awareness and understanding of this feared, misunderstood and often taboo subject. We want to empower people with information about resources and support for dementia that can help stop a problem becoming a crisis.
There are Approximately 1 million people in this country with some form of Dementia, if we don’t take real Action soon this will become a crisis.
We hope you will support us in our efforts.


 Our organisation wants to be able to do a lot more towards providing awareness and information about services, groups and projects, to family carers, also activities to help reduce social isolation, support, advice or a friendly chat, all from an accessible Information Point/Hub, also specialist carer training for the people hands on working with/caring for dementia, as they are vitally important, essential in the fight for dignity, respect, empathy, excellent care and quality of life for people with dementia, as these carers need to understand and be aware of the different and often complex needs of the people they are caring for and how to react appropriately  towards people living with dementia.  

 We have many more plans for projects to reach out from our Planned activity centre/community use centre, to more rural areas for those people who find it difficult or can’t get transport.  Once we have secured funding for refurbishment, we know it won’t be long before we’re up and running.

   We have a Dementia Information Point/Hub once a week in 1st Call Hyndburn On Wednesdays 10am-3pm for information on Dementia,   

Our new centre would be of benefit to the people and organisations of Hyndburn in many ways.  We will be open 5 days a week from Monday to Friday 10am-4pm + evening opening/weekend for activities and events, other Organisations/Services/Groups would be able to join us there on certain days, we will have information on Dementia and the help, support and care available, we plan to have crafts, memory café, projects and many safe family inclusive sporting activities, but most most of all we will be a local presence offering a friendly face, a listening ear, stimulation, fun easily accessible information, support and referral.  We will also be offering a sitting service, leave you’re cared for/loved one with us for 2-3 hrs knowing they are safe whilst you meet friends for a coffee, go shopping or just use the time for you to relax/sleep.

We have many more plans for projects to reach out from the shop premises to more rural areas for those people who can’t get to the town centre.  

We will keep people posted on date of opening and we look forward to seeing you there.                            

Donations Welcome

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